About Pastor David

Growing up in the North West Oklahoma Panhandle, there seemed there would never be anything of importance ever happen in my life. Every day the same, blowing dust, drought, stunted wheat crops, and life, a constant struggle just to keep going. I graduated high school in the Spring of 1965, and made an attempt to join the Navy. I was sent home due to ruptured ear drums from ear infections while an infant. Another dream dashed to the ground by the unending hardship of living in what seemed to be the most God forsaken place on earth.

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About Our Ministry

Called to preach by the Holy Spirit, in March 1971, just three months after being saved and born again, my congregation was fellow prison inmates. As the days and weeks turned to months and years, God worked mightily changing the lives of hundreds of convicted felons, making them productive members of society once again.

Powerful Holy Ghost revivals broke out in Montana State Prison during these years, touching not only the inmates, but also the wardens, guards, and administrative personnel.

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About Our Videos

As the year 2012 ended, and the new year 2013 dawned, the Spirit of God began to speak into my life concerning an addition to all the ministry that I am at present involved in. Local church teaching and preaching, live on line church service, live on line bible study, and writing studies.

God began to powerfully impress upon me to produce on video, teaching of Gods Word, Preaching of the Scriptures, and also recording of services that are not particularly mine.

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